Who We Are

Crossover Network is a monthly, community-service outreach by the Colorado Christian University School of Business and Leadership (SBL).

Crossover Network sessions are free-of-charge on the second Friday of every month from October to April and includes a continental breakfast. Each session is designed to invigorate even the most experienced Christian leader with a bracing jolt of fresh perspective by connecting with accomplished, like-minded people and by absorbing guidance and support to equip them at the highest levels.

Dr. Gary Ewen, Dean of the School and Professor of Management and Leadership Studies, is the host of Crossover Network. Known for his deep PSDM (Problem Solving and Decision Making), IT systems, and leadership expertise, Dr. Ewen has assembled an exceptional team that fulfills key strategic goals of the School. Dr. Ewen also imparts seasoned, yet fresh, practitioner realities, vibrant Biblical faith; and second-to-none teaching effectiveness in every class section.

Welcome to Crossover Network—you are warmly invited and encouraged to bring a couple of friends.